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A Bat Rescue Organization Posted These 30 Pics Of Bats Being Cute To Show How Harmless They Actually Are

Bats Qld (Flying Foxes and Microbats) Inc. is accomplishing God’s work. The volunteer-run, not-revenue driven association rescues, rehabilitates and discharges Flying Foxes and Microbats across South East Queensland (Gold Coast to Brisbane zone), Australia. It additionally teaches the youthful and old on the significance of Flying Foxes in our ecosystem alongside dispersing the myths that have consistently surrounded these stunning mammals.

What’s more, that is not everything they do. Fortunately for the Internet, Bats Qld share photographs and videos of their ‘patients’ to show exactly how lovable they truly are. From napping to the feeding of, keep looking to look at the day by day life of these little critters that resemble charming sky doggies.

More info: batsqld.org.au | Facebook | Instagram


Bats aren’t simply beautiful; they are imperative to our ecosystems. Bats have important jobs in pollination and seed dispersal, For instance, the eucalyptus forest that the koalas depend on are pollinated by the flying foxes. Also, these night flyers add to controlling creepy-crawly populations.

Sadly, we frequently appear to overlook these great deeds. “People are a danger to bats. Spiked metal, fruit netting, local pets, and vehicle strikes are the most widely recognized explanation they need help. The master picture would likewise incorporate deforestation and habitat loss.


The negative myths encompassing these animals don’t benefit them in any way as well. For example, we regularly hear that bats are grimy, yet Bats Qld quickly dismisses this notion: “No, bats are exceptionally clean creatures and clean themselves constantly.”

Another misconception is that bats swoop individuals. “No, once more. Bats can’t fly like a feathered bird however rather should drop before they can fly up, much like a paraglider. This is frequently confused with swooping.

You can likewise hear individuals state that bats have loads of diseases. Bogus, bats in Australia just convey one illness that poses a hazard to individuals legitimately from the animal which is Australian Bat Lyssavirus. This is found in under 0.01% of the bat populace.” Besides, there likewise is a completely powerful post-introduction vaccine.

Strikingly, flying foxes have comparable visual perception to our own, and in spite of the fact that microbats don’t have the best vision, they can see also.

Basically bats are doing their part in holding the earth within proper limits, and they merit regard for their contribution.





























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