25 Pets that have discovered mirrors


When you see a mirror, you see yourself. This seemingly basic ability demonstrates whether an animal is self-aware. Humans, great apes, dolphins, elephants, and magpies are able to pass Gordon Galoup’s famous ” mirror test “.

It is still debated whether our pets, such as dogs, cats, or rabbits, have this capacity. But, considering what is seen by countless pet owners, looking in the mirror is common in pets. Here we have compiled a list of the most adorable pets looking at their reflection as if they were wondering “Mirror, mirror, am I the fuzziest? We do not know the reason for such behavior, but at least we know that it is not uncommon.


#1 Find whoever looks at you as my cat looks in the mirror

#2 Looking at my cat looks like a Renaissance painting

#3 The importance of angle in a selfie

The mirror recognition test has been applied to animals since the 70s, and it is considered the indicator to know if a living being is self-conscious or not. Very few animals have shown signs of being so and have passed the test, the dogs have failed.

They don’t seem to know, or maybe they don’t care, that 2-dimensional, odorless dog in the mirror.

#4 Surprise

#5 Kill them all

#6 He loves my mirror to put makeup on

But many scientists doubt that this test is an indicator of animal consciousness. Even if a cat or dog does not recognize themselves in the mirror, it is hard to imagine that they are not aware of themselves. Perhaps dogs fail the test because their primary instrument of perception is the smell.

#7 Hallucina


#8 His daily ritual

#9 Your reflect

#10 Who is the prettiest fox?

#11 Sad reflection

#12 Looking at each other

#13 I see you

#14 Surprised?

#15 Identity crisis

#16 My chinchilla has been seen for the first time

#17 You know how handsome he is

#18 He looks a lot, sad for his appearance after being shaved

#19 This owl has been discovered in the mirror


#20 Like

#21 Self-motivation in front of the mirror

#22 Baby otter discovers its reflection

#23 I don’t know what you think

#24 Then he licked the mirror because he thought there was a nice dog

# 25 It is mortifying to look like this

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