20 Animal Moms That Show What Parenting Is About


Animals are true-breeding heroes. For example, an elephant’s pregnancy can last almost two years. And after birth, a mom spends two to six and a half years breastfeeding and caring for her child. Many other species do the same, and everything is beautiful and natural.

We at Bright Side collected some adorable animal images that clearly show that motherhood and parenting are not exclusively human concepts.


1. My cat became a true warrior after giving birth

2. Tired but not defeated!

3. I thought my cat was a playful kitten until she became a responsible mother

4. His favorite activity was playing with a ball, but now he spends all his time taking care of them

5. My cat used to be an introvert, but things have changed

6.my dog ​​can’t stop smiling since she became a mother

7. My cat only has a kitten, so she hugs it all the time

8. They are very proud to finally have a baby

9. She is so cute with kittens now; before, she hated anything that touched her

10. These two boys look alike

11. Mommy is tired, I will stay with her

12. My dog ​​was always very sweet, but now she has become the guru of tenderness

13. She used to be pretty tough before her son was born

14. I remember her as a puppy and now she is so strong. I am very proud of it

15.These 2 were created to rule a large family!

16. My dog ​​falls asleep only when her children are also sleeping

17. Her baby is so sweet that she can’t help but kiss him all day.

18. She never lets go of her cub, even for a second.

19. She is always alert enough to make sure her babies are safe.

20. My dog ​​teaches her puppy everything she knows

Bonus: a father cat that helps the mother take care of her kittens

Are you the happy owner of a pet family? Share some heartwarming photos of them with us in the comment section!

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