20 Funny Comics That Show What Would Happen If A Werewolf Was Dating A Zombie


When zombies, vampires, monsters, skeletons, and other undead and frightening animals are not operating in the movie market, they’re in fact attempting to lead a typical life. The keyword being attempting.’ At least in this funny comic series by Emi Illustrations. Properly entitled Zomcom, this creative universe has lots of scary misfits and the daily battles they deal with. Strangely, it’s type of relatable. To some level, obviously.

# 1 Shot In The Feelings


#2 Lap Dog

As a bachelor of animation and illustration, Emilia masterfully predicts her creative and amusing stories through cartoons that are so aesthetically engaging, they put on t requirement words. A wise mix of humor, subtle scary, and typical circumstances daily scenarios. Spice it up with frightening, yet extremely pleasant characters and you’ve obtained a series you may wish to follow on social networks.

#3 Throw Me A Bone

#4 What The Fluff

We’ve currently shared a collection of charming Zomcom comics on Bored Panda, however, Emilia has actually been keeping herself hectic, so we simply needed to develop another one. Bringing them from the undead, here are the experiences of a zombie woman, her monster sweetheart, and their odd buddies.

#5 Head Above The Rest

#6 Helping Hand

#7 Dog, Cat The Bird

#8 I Find You Guiltpee

Zomcom does not have a narrative so there aren’t a lot of philosophical themes explored. It is more about a zombie girl living a wholesome everyday life in a Halloween-y world. the artist said. I think why Zomcom stands out is because it has no written dialogue so everything is explained through actions and expressions. It’s an easy read for children and people from all over the world can enjoy it without having to learn another language.”

But Emilia’s other comic, Axed, is different. Although it is mostly focused on telling funny jokes there’s an underlying theme of finding/losing purpose in life and perseverance.

#9 Fast Mail

#10 Hissed Off

#11 Got Ya Nose

#12 Sleigh Me

#13 A Fans Love

#14 Smile For The Camera

#15 You Wanna Pizza This?

#16 Fetch

#17 Snoot Boop

#18 Watt A Hot Day

#19 Don’t Be Shellfish

#20 Buried Alive

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