20 Comics About The Afterlife And Death That Differ From The Usual Stereotypes


Burly started his comic about the afterlife at the beginning of this year but it has already come a long way. The Immortal Grind catches your attention with just its tagline Chronicling the daily life of the afterlife but does not let down once you start scrolling as well. It delivers amazing, well-developed characters, including the Grim Reaper, the Devil, and even God, challenging our beliefs about death and everything that comes with it.

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artist background is in graphic design, but with more of a focus on vector-based designs (like logos and icons). artist’s decision to start a comic as a way to get more experience with digital drawing and the associated tools, the artist explained the origins of The Immortal Grind to Bored Panda. The series is all about poking fun at “a day in the life” of those in the afterlife, hence the name. The author said this includes pretty much everything from the annoyances of working as Death to the mundanity of running Hell.


Artist himself hasn’t made up his mind about what to expect from the afterlife quite yet. In artist comic, I imagine it is not so glamorous and kind of mirroring the daily grind people go through here on Earth. Is it really like that? Let’s hope not,” he said.

The artist wanted to use the opportunity to encourage everyone who has a knack for cartoons: “If you like webcomics and want to try creating your own, go for it! The best advice I can give is to just start drawing and sharing your stuff.” Everything else falls into place eventually.



















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