These cats are very different from the ones you usually see (20 photos)


A sturdy build, short snout, and round head sound like almost any feline in the world. But there is a distinctive trait that makes Selkirk Rex cats a lot of attention. And it is his curly fur.

These are Tony, Manny, Sosa, and Elvira, 4 adorable little balls of hair that live in Switzerland and with curls worthy of leaving in the shampoo bottle. They are also called sheep cats, and this unique breed is named after the Selkirk Mountains in Montana, where the first litter was born at an animal shelter in 1987.


Today, these kitties are dedicated to melting hearts on social media, where 111,000 followers follow their regular updates. Take a look at these cuties below and get ready for something very adorable.

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This breed is relatively new, but it already has cult status, with people who adore it. The curly coat is the result of a natural mutation, found in a litter of a white cat, a blue tortoiseshell cat.

All Selkirk Rex are descendants of Miss DePesto, the first cat of this breed, bred by Jeri Newman.

Newman was surprised to see that DePesto carried “the dominant curly coat gene, but also the recessive long coat gene.” Both parents had the gene for long hair.




The breed was introduced in 1990 and accepted. In 2000, the Selkirk Rex made it to the championships and is now one of the most unique and beloved breeds of recent decades.

These days, most Selkirk Rex is born with curls, but some are not. As adults, the curls are more pronounced, and whether they are short or long fur, they are very soft, which is why they are also called teddy bears.
















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