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Woman Never Stops Trying To Rescue Sweet Dog Chained To A Tree

After feeding a dog permanently tied to a tree for a year, she manages to adopt it

One day, Laura Seymour passed a house where, suddenly, she realized that there was a large dog chained to a tree. He approached and the dog jumped for joy and approached the gate, looking for love … Laura began to bring her food and water, every week.

He never saw anyone approach the dog, ever, as if the poor were abandoned. When he called the municipal animal protection services they told him that they could not do anything: as long as he had a shelter (next to the tree there was a booth) and was fed and had water, they could not intervene. But Laura couldn’t stand it. He named it Takia and continued to visit her, to bring her food and make sure she had water, day after day. She was willing to steal the dog if necessary because clearly her “inhuman” didn’t want her.

But then, luckily, her mother encouraged her to call animal protection services again and the miracle occurred! The owner of the Akita had decided to hand over the dog so, finally, Laura could finally ask to adopt the one who, no doubt, was her dog for a long time.

So she also learned, as you will see in the video, that she was not the only one to feed the dog … other concerned neighbors had also called the animal protection services and were approaching to try to take care of the dog.

Since then Takia is finally in the family. For the first time in his life – and they estimate he will be 5 years old – the dog has enjoyed a NaviDOG as it should be, being loved and pampered by everyone.




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