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Why do dogs tails? Dogs use their tail, next to their ears, to express their emotions and moods. If you understand what your furry means, you can offer the best possible care. Therefore, it is very important to understand your body language.

Surely every day you wonder why dogs move their tails and think that these movements are associated with your pet feeling happy. However, this is not always the case, as dogs may have many reasons to move their tail. Some experts say that the side where they move their tail can say a lot about their mental state (to the right, they are happy; to the left, anxious) If you want to know the meaning of the movement of your dog’s tail, read this article of a COMO. We will show you all the causes that make your partner perform this action!



  1. Why do dogs move their tails
  2. My dog ​​barks and moves its tail, why?
  3. Why does my dog ​​move its tail when it sleeps

Why do dogs move their tails

Keep in mind that all dogs usually express themselves with the same tail movements, but there are certain breeds that have the tail erect by genetics. On the other hand, there are dogs that have a mutilated tail, since there are irresponsible people who cut their tail for aesthetic reasons. In these cases, it will be much harder to predict what you are trying to say. You should know that if you amputate your dog’s tail, you will be interfering with its socialization process, which will prevent it from properly interacting with other pets and humans. In addition, certain experts claim that the movements of a dog’s tail are associated with its balance.

For all the above, it seems that the tail is a very important part of its anatomy, but why do dogs move the tail? There are several possible causes, so take note:

  • Move the tail because he is happy.
  • He wags his tail because he wants to play.
  • They move the queue to communicate.
  • Moves the tail because it is alert or undecided.
  • Move the tails because it is calm or relaxed.
  • Move your tail because you are sad or afraid.

When dogs move their tails is it because they are happy?

Sometimes yes. Surely when you get home after a hard day at work, your dog throws at you by jumping and moving the tail energetically from side to side. This means that your dog is glad to see you and, in this case, is expressing his happiness.

Dogs are very expressive animals, so they have many ways to show affection. In our article 10 signs that my dog ​​loves me, we tell you all the ways in which your pet shows you love.

Move the queue: an invitation to the game

Sometimes your friend simply wants to get your attention because he gets bored and wants to play with you. In these cases, you will notice that your dog moves the tail in circles and makes small leaps by moving the front legs. It is normal that on these occasions, you bring your favorite toy in your mouth or bark.

Dogs move their tails to communicate

The dog’s tail is possibly the most expressive part of its body, so they use it to interact with other dogs, animals or humans. When a dog is alone and has no stimulus that causes it, it does not move its tail, since it does not have the need to do so, just like humans when they use certain body expressions such as applause and other forms of communication.

Being such an expressive part, you can understand a lot about your dog by reading its tail, but can they understand you? Find out in our article How to know if my dog ​​understands me.

Alertness and indecision: another reason to move the tail

When you observe that your dog moves the tail discreetly, gently, and that it stays up in a tense and alert position, with the ears upright, it means that it is aware of everything that happens around it.

This happens frequently when your friend meets someone he does not know, especially other dogs. In turn, when a dog moves its tail, it gives off its particular aroma to be able to give information about it to other dogs and this aroma is also used for reproductive purposes.

Dogs move their tails to express fear, anxiety, and sadness

If the dog moves its tail between its paws and has droopy ears, it will indicate that it is afraid or anxious. In these cases, it is best to find the cause that produces this state in your dog to help.

If your dog tends to do these types of movements very often, his character may be very nervous. Many circumstances can make a dog nervous, if you want to know more about it, visit our article What to do if my dog ​​is very nervous.

They move their tails because they are calm or relaxed

Sometimes, dogs keep their tail low and make small slow movements with it. This may mean that you feel calm and relaxed. As you can see, if you have a low tail does not necessarily mean that you are afraid. When dogs are afraid they are more likely to hide the tail and not just keep it down.

Why do dogs tails
Why do dogs tails

My dog ​​barks and moves its tail, why?

When a dog barks and moves its tail at the same time, you have to be alert, as it could be expressing happiness or, on the contrary, aggressiveness. Some dogs tend to bark and move their tails when they see unknown dogs.

To know the difference between a happy and an aggressive dog, look at their gestures. If you notice that your pet jumps, barks and moves its tail agitatedly, it is likely that it is happy. On the contrary, if you observe that, in addition to moving the tail, your pet barks, has dilated pupils, tense facial muscles and moves the ears forward and backward, this may indicate aggression.

At this time, it is very important that you stay alert because the dog may be expressing anger or anger and could attack at any time. This usually happens when they distrust any person, animal or even object because they see them as a threat.

If you encounter an aggressive dog case, it is very important to know how to act so as not to alter the state of the animal. In our article How to prevent a dog from attacking me, we talk about the best ways to interact with unknown dogs.

Why do dogs tails
Why do dogs tails

Why does my dog ​​move its tail when it sleeps

Another curious fact is that dogs move their tails when they sleep, you may have seen your pet moving in dreams. This action is completely normal. When dogs sleep for a long period of time, as they do during the night, they often make frequent movements.

Some dogs are louder than others, as they can even bark in dreams. Do not worry, dogs, like humans, reach a stage of sleep called REM phase. In this phase, the dream is very deep and the movements are usually involuntary. In addition, dogs can dream about what they did throughout the day, which can cause them to move their tail, snout or even their paws.

Just as dogs move their tails while they sleep, they can also make other movements. Have you ever wondered why my dog ​​cries when he sleeps? Click on the link and find out more about dogs’ dreams.

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