This Twitter thread is full of derpy dogs, it’s bound to make you smile


At times they stall out in clumsy positions, some of the time they gaze into the pit, in some cases, they eat things that are unmistakably unpalatable. However, constantly, they make us smile.

It is no falsehood that we love our textured little dog friends. They bring us so much delight, truly necessary snuggles, and unlimited licks. On this Twitter string, their dopey conduct is lighting up nearly everybody’s Sunday.


On April 10, a Twitter client asked individuals on the microblogging stage to share the most foolish thing their doggos had ever done. The Tweet read It would be ideal if you inform me regarding your most idiotic dog. Presently it is essential to bring up that this request likely had almost no evil plan and exceptionally high comic-expectation, that it completely conveyed on.

The post at present has very nearly 2,000 answers and about 5,300 like.

We are currently respected to introduce the least splendid dogs of Twitter! Here and there they stall out in unbalanced positions, some of the time they gaze into the chasm, some of the time they eat things that are unmistakably unappetizing. Yet, constantly, they make us smile.

Here we have a doggo who may need to return to that potty preparing class:

dog versus curtain: who will win? You decide!

Goodness, Frank! How could you even get back there?

Who else carries on precisely like this doggo when attempting to get the last bits of chips?

We genuinely do not understand what’s going on here. Isn’t that right?

Vicktor, pal, would you say you are alright?

Rest is rest and we welcome the dog’s commitment to getting those naps in.

Um, Blue, have you heard to individual space, dear?

What are your contemplations on these dopey doggos?



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