This fluffy poodle has gone viral for its almost human expressions


This fluffy and amazing puppy is taking Twitter by storm after his photos were shared. Her name is Kokoro and many say she has a very human face. Others say that he even looks like Bob Ross and they create memes about him on the internet.

Kokoro lives in Japan and looks like a stuffed animal. She is very popular on Instagram, where she has 120,000 followers, but was even more successful on Twitter after user Heroka shared photos of her. They had 128,000 likes, 30,000 retweets, 800+ comments, and a lot of love, of course.


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Tweeter Hisoka shared these adorable photos of Kokoro and they went viral

Kokoro is making people fall in love with his adorableness and his similarities to many things, like Bob Ross, because of his fluffy hair so similar. Or the Ewoks, super furry and fluffy too. It’s also good for creating memes, so people take advantage of it to create fun content.

More pictures of the fluffy puppy

Kokoro is a toy poodle, famous for its fluffy coat. They are the smallest version of poodles, which makes them very adorable. They measure between 24 and 28 cm, they are intelligent, active and sociable, and they need a lot of care and grooming.

What do you think of Kokoro? Does it have a human face? Does it remind you of Bob Ross? Tell us in the comments.

Here’s what they had to say on Twitter about the adorable dog:

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