This Epic Pirate Cat Has Spent Her Whole Life Sailing the Ocean (Look)


An intrepid feline, Miss Rigby, sailed the sea with her family all his life. This American burnesian has lived with her owner Shane and Maryvonne on boards since she was a kitten, which is known to be the ‘ dog-like ‘ of all cat races.

She also was offered by a breeder in Connecticut to Maryvonne, also known as Rigs, Riggles or Chicken. They are very loving and loyal, as much as you can train your cat, “she added.” But she loves it and the boat is her home.


Until finally deciding ten years ago to leave the company and pursue its passion for sailing, Shane (53) and Maryvonne, 52, previously ran their own architecture firm.

They now live and travel on their cruise. We have together been exploring the U.S. and Caribbean coastal waters.

We have been sailing up and down the East Coast and through into the Bahamas several times since then, ‘ Rigs joined us on board in Long Island, New York, ‘ ” Maryvonne said. We went down to Grenada in the Caribbean and stopped on most of the islands.

She has been on a 50-foot sailboat well and has demonstrated that she is a natural sailor.


The brave feline usually lies in the lower bed, Maryvonne said. Otherwise, when she is carefully supervised, she will only be allowed on the deck or at the cockpit in calm weather.

The health of her is our main concern, Maryvonne says. We are frequently asked why she is not wearing a life jacket. We have put one on her, but it only tormented her. She could well swim, and we’d get her quickly if she had fallen in.

Our safety and cats are very important, and in the event of an emergency there are a lot of strategies in place, she added. We also have a net on the back of the boat if it slipped out of the boat at anchor but fortunately, it never happened. She’s extremely confident and aware of her waters.

To watch her do crazy runs pursuing Shane makes life better, our walks are also lots of fun. We trained her like a dog and she didn’t let us down.


We can be in awful sea conditions, but with her rumbling and cuteness, she makes it bearable. I can’t imagine she isn’t on-board,” concluded Maryvonne. We have so many memories, but the main thing about it is how happy we are, how much we laugh at it.

Since Maryvonne created a Miss Rigby in 2017 Instagram account, she has gathered over 40,000 people — and why?

You can visit her Miss Rigby Kitty” account if you want to watch more of the adventures of Miss Rigby.


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