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This dog brought home a little creature, and it turned out to be a bear cub

A family dog ​​in Washington County was shocked when he brought a tiny bear home.
“The puppy who only weighed 540 gram was found dehydrated” and without a trace from his mother.

The “bear-cub was immediately transported’ to the Virginia Wildlife Center. There, the rehabilitation team immediately put him in an incubator and began the process of feeding him. “This has been a great example of teamwork to provide what is needed for a wild animal,” said Amanda Nicholson, director of outreach for the Wildlife Center.

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Unexpectedly, a family dog ​​from Washington County brought a bear cub home.

I was dehydrated and weighed only 540 grams

“The black bear was successfully welcomed last Wednesday. Now she is in her habitat, with her new mother. It is common for us to receive wild animals that have been collected by pets, but it is rare that they are not injured. Unfortunately, we see many wounded animals captured by cats, and dogs also search the burrows for fauna that lives at ground level. ” Luckily, the bear cub was healthy.

“We treat more than 3,000 wild animals each year in our hospital, many come sick or injured, and we always have a team of veterinarians ready to provide treatment or surgery if necessary. We also receive healthy but orphaned animals and the rehabilitation team cares for them until they are old enough to survive alone in their habitat. In the case of this bear, we put it in an incubator and calculated the feeding times with a special formula that would serve to cover its nutritional needs.

The bear cub was taken to the Wildlife Center

The rehabilitation team fed him bottles constantly, and the little boy regained some weight.

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“If you find a bear cub alone, don’t interfere. Doing so can be bad for your well-being and cause you great risk if your mother is around. Although black cubs remain with their mothers until they are 17 months old, they are self-sufficient at 5. These are the recommendations of the government of Alberta, Canada, which has a population of 40,000 black bears.

A cub can be orphaned if the mother abandons it because it cannot produce milk if there are droughts or fires if humans cause a nuisance in their environment or shelters. It is also common for bears to be killed by being run over, hunted, or after some conflict with people.

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