This Artist Turns Disney Animals Into Humans Using Her Own Unique Style


Isabelle Staub, an American illustrator, offers her own perspective to the mythical characters of the cartoons.

Since Instagram is a showcase for illustrators, we’ve known thousands of artists recreating cartoon characters in their own way. Thanks to this social network we have seen The Simpsons or the Flintstones in swimming trunks, characters like Rick and Morty shopping at the supermarket or protagonists of Disney facing bad care of the environment.


This time it’s time for Isabelle Staub, an illustrator from Philadelphia, United States, who has turned the mythical Disney animals into humans. Nala from ‘The Lion King’, Dori from ‘Finding Nemo’ or Queen from ‘The Lady and the Tramp’ become new characters thanks to the North American artist.

It is a new project by Isabelle. The artist, who already has more than 460,000 followers on Instagram and more than 50,000 ‘likes’ in most of her publications, has become famous on the social network by recreating protagonists of all kinds: from Disney Princesses to characters that appear in Quentin Tarantino movies.

Here are some of the illustrations in which he turns the animals from Disney’s drawings into people:

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Lady and the Tramp

as a human

Dory from Finding Nemo

as a human

Nala from The Lion King

as a human

Marie from The Aristocats

as a human

Lola from Shark Tale

as a human

Isabelle redrew other iconic cartoon using her own unique style, Pocahontas

Ariel The Little Mermaid

Belle Beauty And The Beast


Tiana, The Princess, And The Frog

Jasmine, Aladdin

Aurora, Sleeping Beauty

Kida Nedakh, Atlantis

Nani, Lilo And Stitch

Roxanne, A Goofy Movie

Here what some people said to love their art

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