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They were going to sacrifice him because he was born blind and could not offer economic benefits to his breeder

The story of this Golden Retriever puppy named Charles Ray is full of injustice and rejection but also of vindication and hope after a generous soul decided to turn his life around completely at the moment he was going to be put to sleep. Charles was born on December 8, 2018, from a litter of 3 puppies, being the only male, but under the care of someone who just wanted him to profit.

The puppy was a victim of the indolence of those who engage in the indiscriminate business of animals. When he was still small, his owner noticed that the animal was not as active as his little sisters, he simply stood still, looked nervous and tended to trip over objects. After a medical examination, the man was informed of the puppy’s blindness. That was the reason for his passive attitude.

For the owner, the creature was only a commodity and with that disability, he would not report any gain, so he decided to sacrifice it. Fortunately, Andrew Fales learned of the intentions and decided to intervene. A friend told him about the case and decided to stay with Ray, even though he already had three adult farmers at home. Andrew became Ray’s human father and as a good father, he not only took care of him but wanted to know more about his blindness.

A doctor informed him that the puppy’s organ was fine, his eye had no damage but there was no connection between it and his brain, that was the reason for his blindness. Perhaps the man could not do anything for Ray to see but he was in charge of providing the best living conditions so that his illness was not a problem. This puppy is so loved that he is always happy and loves to jump and run after his brothers.

Although he lacks his vision, Charles has managed to develop his other senses and always knows when Andrew comes home. “He definitely knows my smell. When I get home he runs to the door and follows me everywhere. He is a very loyal dog, ”Andrew said. The name of the dog is allusive to the American singer and also blind, Charles Ray.

His disability has not prevented him from being a happy puppy. Andrew has been in charge of giving him a lot of love and is always willing to pamper him in everything, even in his most eccentric tastes to dress. The man who lives in Boston, United States, created a special page for his friend and from that portal, Ray has gained hundreds of followers who always encourage him to keep going. Look how cute he looks in his costume at the San Patricio festivities.

In fact, as they know his passion for hockey, a local team invited him to one of his matches to launch the disc at the opening of the event. Ray’s life may have been very different but Andrew’s goodwill saved him. If you fell in love with this furry as much as we share his story and that the example of its owner is multiplied to others. Every creature deserves a loving home!


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