This artist gave an alternative look to the characters of The Lion King, and went viral (13 images)


Many people’s favorite Disney movie is the Lion King, and for them, it is so insurmountable that this year’s remake has nothing to do. In fact, it has divided the audience: Some believe that it is a masterpiece and should not resemble the drawings, because it is a film that has to appear realistic and different from the original. Others believe they have gone overboard and have very little personality compared to the original movie.

The artists Ellejart (whose real name is Nikolay Mochkin ) and Design By Feo recently drew an incredible fanart poster looking like the Lion King remake would have if the creators had made this version somewhat more faithful to the original style. We honestly think it’s amazing, and we’d love to see it on the big screen. You may have to ask Disney to redo the remake. Check it out, and vote for the ones you like best.


#1 Scar

#2 Scar

#3 Rafiki

#4 Simba

#5 Pumbaa and Timon

#6 Simba

#7 Simba

#8 Nala

#9 Lion King promotional poster

#10 Simba

#11 Lion King promotional poster

#12 Simba

#13 Simba

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