30 Dark Comics-Style Illustrations From The Frustrated Artist


As an individual who couldn’t draw an acceptable stick figure to spare my life, I profoundly respect the individuals who can make staggering, definite symbolism utilizing only their hands and a lot of colors. What is significantly progressively wonderful is that a portion of these artists are equipped for making what many would consider a magnum opus having never truly had any conventional training, for example having learned everything all alone.

One such craftsman is Marcelo Ventura, a 36-year-old drawing hobbyist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who rethinks TV, film, and computer game just as other mainstream society characters right from the ’80s and ’90s in a darker, unglamorous, and vile comic book style.


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“I am nostalgic of the ’80s and ’90s. I love to revive characters from this period in a comic book style. In a style that is unequivocally impacted by incredible artists, for example, J. Scott Campbell and a team that motivated me a ton in my youngsters (and keep on doing as such), Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo,” Marcelo clarified the motivation behind his art.



We asked Marcelo how he chooses what mainstream society characters to rethink in his novel comic book style, to which he reacted: “I like to interface and partner various universes. I, for the most part, pick a character and attempt to embed it into a specific setting, regardless of whether it is from a film, arrangement, or a book.



Presently, Marcelo has an intriguing method for presenting himself: the Frustrated Artist, a prisoner to a common Freudian realist instruction of a Cartesian Newtonian worldview. We asked him for what reason he views himself as the Frustrated Artist: “In the same way as other craftsmen, I couldn’t want anything more than to live just on my art. Be that as it may, the absence of chances and a smidgen of confidence, as well, thwart me from stepping forward in this career.



In conclusion, we inquired as to whether he is happy to spill a few beans for us and to uncover what different characters he’s considering attracting the not so distant future I have numerous drafts and thoughts that will before long appear on a bit of paper. It’s things like Hellboy, ThunderCats, and, without a doubt, Rick and Morty, who is right now the two characters I like to draw the most.

























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