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Artist Create A World Of his Own Using Paper, And Here Are artist Best 30 Works

Hi there! My name is Nathan Érica and I am an illustrator and paper artist based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Being born in such a vibrant and diverse country allowed me to see the world through very rainbow-colored glasses (I even see colors in numbers and days of the week, no kidding!) And I try to express all the clutter of colors. that I call my art brain. When I started working with paper, I discovered that I could go further in terms of texture, movement, and, once again, color. For me, these three elements are essential to every piece I create, and that is why I will always be working on a mermaid or two, or some magical kingdom of enchanted macaws. Wow, what wouldn’t I give to live in such a place?

My main source of inspiration is nature, its shapes, and patterns, as well as the different cultures of the world and, of course, the cinema and everything related to cinematographic art. Like many artists, early animated films have defined most of my childhood and I think it shows in my drawing style and my use of color and composition. I love telling stories and found that using paper, texture, and color allows me to be a better storyteller.

Although I have always considered myself an artist at heart, it took me five years from law school to decide that doing anything other than being an artist would be impossible.

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