Artist Draws Male Superheroes As Pin-Up Models And The Prints Are Selling Out Fast


David Talaski-Brown is a Portland, Oregon-based craftsman, husband, and chihuahua father. He’s been drawing, chiseling, and clicking his way around MS Paint for whatever length of time that he can recall. In the end, David wound up in the animation program at the now deceased Art Institute of Portland, for the most part concentrating on 2D activity. He didn’t wind up in animation however rather arrived in a studio making workmanship for computer games.

Talaski-Brown is likewise chipping away at his own projects, one of which is a peculiar illustration series where he transforms male superheroes into great hot chick models.


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1 Aquaman

2 Thor

What I love about the vintage hot chick, and I think makes it engaging that it walks it among erotica and comedy. It’s hot enough to make you become flushed and ridiculous enough to not pay attention to it. Fundamentally, erotica you can hold tight your dividers and still have mother over.”

David said he likewise considered it to be a decent chance to make craftsmanship for geeks who are pulled in to men. “There is a great deal of us. There’s constantly plenty of craftsmanship depicting inadequately clad ladies at each other show corner, so why not give a portion of the MCU’s most sizzling hunks a similar treatment? It just appears to be reasonable, right?”

3 Iron Man

4 Captain America

5 Bucky Barnes

6 Loki

7 Doctor Strange

8 Black Panther

9 Star Lord

10 Green Lantern

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