These 25 Relatable Comics Perfectly Depict Silly and Funny Situations Faced by a Teenage Girl


Relatable comics that perfectly depict silly and funny situations faced by a teenage girl are a joy to read and instantly resonate with anyone who has ever navigated the awkward and tumultuous teenage years. These comics capture the everyday challenges and absurd moments that a teenage girl encounters, from embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions to cringe-worthy interactions with crushes, from overly dramatic reactions to minor setbacks to comical attempts at adulting.

Instagram artist Sabin Sanders has been captivating audiences with her relatable webcomic series, Sabin Comics, which perfectly depict silly and funny situations faced by a teenage girl. Her comics revolve around the life of a teenage girl who navigates the challenges, awkwardness, and humor of being a teenager. Sabin’s comics are relatable to people of all ages, as they touch on universal themes and experiences that many can relate to. Her characters are simple yet expressive, with large eyes that convey a range of emotions.


She has a strong eye for watching daily life and drawing humor from unremarkable circumstances. Sabin Comics connects with readers on a personal level with its sharp observations about friendships and relationships as well as hilarious anecdotes about everyday challenges. His ability to humorously and simply depict the subtleties of human behavior has won him a devoted following of 37,600 readers who eagerly anticipate his new comic strip. Her comics are entertaining and relatable because she expertly uses comedy to highlight the issues and struggles that teenagers experience on a daily basis. Let’s look at some of her best illustrations.

Credit: Sabin Comics

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#1. Haircut

#2. Give me a second


#3. Pizza > Workout

#4. Still works right?

#5. Do you relate?


#6. Thief sibling

#7. Happy Valentines Day

#8. Which one is you?


#9. Sorry sister

#10. It’s called onion fashion

#11. Let them dry naturally

#12. There’s always space for more


#13. Reasons why siblings are useful

#14. Going out

#15. Struggles


#16. It happens to me every time

#17. Can you relate?

#18. Wearing a tight dress


#19. Summer Plans

#20. How my family sees me


#21. Bathroom’s Tiles

#22. High waisted jeans

#23. Summer at the beach

#24. To show the stomach

#25. Smooth and perfect

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