Puppy in a wheelchair and returned 4 times, is adopted by a man with the same condition


The sorrows or difficulties that life may present us are overcome much better when we do it accompanied. And what better company than a loving being who understands exactly how we can feel in the face of difficulties. This reality is what has made a man and a puppy the best of friends because they both share the same condition: they are in wheelchairs.

Little Bandit led a life of rejection until he found his soul mate, Darrel.


The puppy had been adopted four times but always ended up returning to the shelter, as the families considered that his condition and the care that the little one required were overwhelming.
However, for Darrel who shared his same condition, there was no job so difficult that it could not be carried with much love.

Bandit, like him, was in a wheelchair, so he could understand perfectly what this furry’s needs were and the generous man was willing to satisfy them completely.

When Darrell and his wife Sue Ryder first saw the creature on the Gwinnett Jail Dogs Program Facebook page, they fell in love immediately. They knew perfectly well what it meant to deal with a wheelchair and that was no justification for denying the furry one the love of a true family.

For Darrel there wasn’t much to think about, his heart was screaming at him to do the right thing and he decided to contact the shelter in Georgia to meet and adopt the puppy.

The most intriguing part of Bandit is that he and I share the same type of paralysis and use a wheelchair to get around. Because Sue and I know what it’s like to live in a wheelchair, we knew what it took for Bandit. We also feel a much deeper connection, ”wrote proud Darrel.

The adoption proceedings lasted almost a month, so the family took advantage of that time to condition their home.

Although everyone was happy that Bandit had finally found the right family, many at the shelter missed his presence there.

“He meant so much to all of us in the detention center that it is now very strange to enter the unit and not see him running towards you. He misses his rough bark and that smile he always seemed to have on his furry face, ”said a shelter volunteer, Lori Cronin.

This little friend had to go through painful episodes of rejection and abandonment but now it has all been worth it. Bandit quickly got used to his new home and greatly enjoys the company of his dad who has become his great friend and protector.

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