Owners Named Their Cat Duchess And Then She Gave Birth To All Of “The Aristocats” Cast


Some say that life is a fairy tale, others wish it was like in cartoons. Well, you have to be careful with what you want, because sometimes the most random decisions are those that grant you wishes. And so begins the story of the cat Duchess and her family, who now live in an animated film.

Of course, it is not the first time that we have been surprised by a cat, but it was definitely a surprise for the owners and a real treat for people on the internet.


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Recently the photos of this white cat named Duchess went viral on the internet

She was adopted by Shelby Sewell-Lopez from Texas in 2018. When she was adopted, she was very weak, her hair was falling out, she had a hernia and a lot of parasites. Throughout her rehab, she kept her demeanor calm, and a beautiful cat emerged from it. It doesn’t alter anything except the vacuum cleaner. ”

One day, they found Duchess in a closet with something that at first glance looked like a mouse

Although her new family thought Duchess was spayed, one day they found her in a closet with what they thought was a mouse, but they were wrong.

The mouse turned out to be a newborn kitten, and 3 more were born later.

And then came an extra kitten, Blue. “Although Blue is not an official Aristogate, he is the most affectionate and steals the most attention.” Despite her tough past, Duchess is a great mother who never abandons her kittens. They even grew up and went exploring the house, but she always accompanied them. Shelby admits that the cat has been spoiled because she always brings her food and drinks.

The owners soon realized that the kittens looked like the characters of the Aristocats

They even fit the color and genre of the film, so they named them Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz.

And they couldn’t separate them

Although they immediately decided to keep the kittens, it took a while to convince Shelby’s husband.

These are Marie


and Berlioz

The Internet immediately responded to so much adorability:

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