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My Latest comics are inspired by my dog, and most dog owners will feel identified

The “Hey Buddy” comics are about the relationship between dogs and their owners. They compress the quintessential experience of having a dog: from affection to the sadness, adorable and silly in each and every situation.

The intense affection I felt for a creature I couldn’t communicate with inspired me to invent the conversations we would have if we could. Let’s see, who hasn’t wished they could talk to their dog? The talks would surely be charming.

More info: Instagram | Facebook | patreon.com


Without realizing it, I accumulated a lot of fun imaginary conversations. Recently, I realized that my collection could entertain other people.



Here comes artist K, who draws all the scenarios I have imagined for Hey Buddy. Together, we plan a collection of comics based on my stories. Here you can see the fruits of our work.



We hope you like them. We also do custom orders and comics for taxpayers on patreon, or add something extra sometimes. Many more are on the way! Find us on Instagram, Facebook, or our website if you want to see them.

















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