Meet The New Grumpy Cat That Looks Even Angrier Than Her Late Predecessor


No one will ever replace Grumpy Cat, but a new kitty has caught the attention of the Internet, which deserves to be among the angriest felines in the world. Meet Meow Meow, Taiwan’s giant fluff.

Her owner said that Meow Meow is very elegant, too. She kept her grace, for example, even when she stayed at the hospital for treatment with hyperthyroidism. This is a class now. Of course, she still hated everyone and everything during her visit, but that’s what’s special about Meow Meow. She’s expressing her disgust for the world with such dignity, she’s definitely one of the smoothest kitties out there!


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“I met her at an old pet store,” said the human Meow Meow, Clare, to Bored Panda. Ironically, she said that her pet was probably born even before the late Grumpy Cat. “For some unknown reason, her ex-owner abandoned her. She was ten months old at the time, and my younger brother and I took her home and she became my first cat.

Clare said that given her grumpy look, Meow Meow was very sweet. “She’s massaging me with her hands to wake me up every single day.” The feline, however, is quite a picky eater. She just likes one kind of canned cat food.

Meow Meow wakes up very early, and if her message doesn’t get Clare out of bed, she starts nibbling her mother until she has breakfast. After the meal she washes and runs to one of her favorite spots near the windows, to watch the bird. Sometimes she even draws the curtains on her own just to sit down and get a better look.

Clare said that the reason Meow Meo looks so mad is because of the’ Batman ‘ mark on her forehead. Yet she remains the sweet little kitty she is. Even when I take a picture of her and she looks at me I find her very gentle. I even once dressed her like a princess, but my friends saw her and told me that she looked more like a queen.

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