Meet Gizmo the dog that has a sour face all the time and is still adorable


Does the term bitch face sound familiar? If the words applied to a dog, the best representative would undoubtedly be Gizmo. This puppy, whose only facial expression indicates he is a few fleas, is actually adorable

Gizmo lives with its owners in San Francisco, and despite the face of few friends, loves to explore new places and run in open spaces. In addition, he is a well-known fashionista puppy who has Instagram on his mind, where he appears in a different outfit every day and with that tough-guy attitude that has made him simply irresistible.


1. On vacation

2. A little fresh air doesn’t hurt

3. Attitude says it all

4. After a rich shower

5. A delicious juice and start the day

6. Today I don’t want to get up

7. A hipster air

8. What you see is what there is

9. Without coffee there is no happiness

10. Do we play a little?

11. The afternoon nap

12. Change of scenery

13. Abandoning the Force cannot

14. To eat it has been said

15. As Hugh Hefner would have wanted

16. To rock, girls

17. There is a world out there

18. Can we go out?

19. A mythical animal

20. It’s not so bad to smile once in a while

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