Hilarious Comics That Accurately Depict Difference Between felines And Dogs


There are two types of folks in this world, feline people and dog people. Both types of people have certain characteristics that distinguish them. Dog lovers appear to be more confident and bold. You can easily spot a dog person in a room full of people with their outgoing personality. They radiate a warm welcoming charm that no one can resist. On the other hand, cat people are observed to fall on the introverted side of the personality trait scale. They are quieter and like to spend more alone time with their cat(s) of course. They appear to be shy and sweet. In a room full of people, the innocent shy person in the corner would definitely be a cat person. These people are highly ambitious and creative people. Though it’s necessarily true for everyone, everyone is different. This is just what we call a general perception.

They say you are just like the people you surround yourself with. This saying is not confined to only humans but it extends to animals as well. We develop certain habits and behaviors by living with our pets. Life with a cat is the complete opposite of that with a dog. Cats and dogs can’t stay under the same roof unless under certain situations.


Here are 9 illustrations that will make this difference clear to you.

#1 felines Vs Dogs when you want to give them kisses.

#2 Dogs love to follow orders while felines have other plans.

It is in a pooches nature to obey the commands of its owner. They love to be around them and be obedient. They wait all day long just for their people to come home so they can snuggle and have a good time. Their first instinct is to cheer up their people. On the other hand, things are a bit different when you are a cat owner. felines have a me-first attitude and enjoy doing things on their own terms. They want their human to obey them and surrender to their will. As soon you arrive home cats see you with eyes that order you to feed them.

#3 When you come house with groceries, pooches can’t wait to be with you while felines just are cats.

#4 How they like being patted. felines have a serious no-touch policy.

#5 pooches are completely foodie while felines are picky eaters.

#6 How pooches see things around the house Vs How felines see.

#7 felines are a royalty, while pooches don’t mind the thick and thin.

#8 The perfect spots to sleep.

#9 felines Vs pooches. How they drive us crazy.

Hope you will enjoy this ride through the feline and pooch world. No matter what they do or how badly they mess things up, we always love them. They always manage to steal the show with their charm. Let us know if you can relate to these illustrations in the comments below. Don’t forget to share with another feline/pooch owners to find out if they can relate too.

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