15 German Shepherd mix puppies that everyone would like to have


German Shepherd mix puppies: The German Shepherd is one of the best breeds you can find. It is relatively new (created in 1899), but it has won the hearts of everyone. Because of their strength, intelligence and obedience, they are ideal for many tasks: guard dogs, guide, K-9 , and so on.

Before delving into the information about the different German Shepherd mixes, you must first understand what the difference is between a mixed breed dog and a designer dog.


Most people think that crossing two dogs will result in mongrel puppies. This is not true at all! If two purebred dogs are crossed, the resulting puppies will be classified as designer dogs, while a stray dog ​​(mongrel) is made up of more than two dog breeds.

For example, if you cross a purebred German Shepherd with a purebred retriever then the resulting puppies are classified as designer dogs as they are 50% of each breed.

However, if one of these resulting designer puppies were raised with another German Shepherd then it would be classified as mixed.

Well, the resulting puppies would be 75% German Shepherd and 25% Retriever. Due to this reason, if you are thinking of adopting a designer dog, It is important that you do your research and make sure that both parents are purebred. This way you guarantee that the chosen puppy is definitely a purebred mix.

Now that we have covered the differences between a designer dog and a mongrel dog, we can dive into all the information on German Shepherd mixes.

german shepherd mix puppies for adoption

The following is interesting information on some of the more common German Shepherd mixes:

• When talking about German Shepherd mixes, they will probably mention the Border Collie / German Shepherd mix, as it is one of the most common. The German Shepherd and Border Collies are both highly intelligent and hardworking dogs. Therefore the resulting mixed puppies will also display these broad traits. As an added benefit of this intelligence, the resulting mixed puppies are relatively easy to train.

• The German Shepherd and Labrador mix is ​​also very popular. The resulting mixed puppies can work hard and will be fairly easy to train.

• As you learn about German Shepherd mixes, you will also hear about the German Shepherd / Husky mix. The resulting puppies of these breeds have some unique characteristics, as well as extremely strong dogs for hard work.

• If a German Shepherd is crossed with a Poodle, the resulting mixed dog is called a Shepadoodle. The Shepadoodle is a very intelligent dog, and as a bonus she sheds little to no hair. They are also very social, but they also enjoy their independence.

Remember, this is only a small handful of the many existing German Shepherd mixes.
There you have it, fantastic information on German Shepherd mixes and the difference between designer and mongrel dogs. And remember, if you are thinking of adopting a designer dog mixed with a German Shepherd, do your research first. Make sure both parents are definitely purebreds. If you do this, then you should end up adopting a fantastic German Shepherd mix, which will make a wonderful addition to your family.

Therefore, many have now decided to cross them with other races just as legendary. These are 15 crosses that will make you wish you had a puppy.

1. Pasky (German shepherd with husky)

2. Pastor chow (pastor with chow chow)

3. Coliman (collie with German shepherd)

4. Pastor inu (shepherd with shiba inu)

5. Australian German Shepherd (German Shepherd with Australian Shepherd)

6. Pastor Saint Bernard (German Shepherd with Saint Bernard)

7. Basset Shepherd (German Shepherd with Basset Hound)

German Shepherd mix puppies

8. Blue Heeler Shepherd (German Shepherd with Blue Heeler)

9. Labrador Shepherd (Shepherd with Labrador Retriever)

German Shepherd mix puppies

10. Shepherd corgi (shepherd with corgi)

11. Doberman Shepherd

German Shepherd mix puppies

12. Pit bull shepherd

13. Shepherd poodle

German Shepherd mix puppies

14. Shepherd with mountain bernese

German Shepherd mix puppies

15. Pastor golden (shepherd with golden retriever)

German Shepherd mix puppies

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