Dying, Neglected 10-Year-Old Goldfish Gets Returned To A Petstore, So This Person Nurses It Back To Health


We have a comforting story full of hope for you. folks are loving this viral TikTok posted by Lacey Scott, aka which shows how she rescued a sick and dying 10-year-old fish and cared for it until it regained health.

The Monstro fish had many health problems: it was unable to swim, and as a result, it developed wounds to its belly. However, her new owner made her an aquarium-hospital, with daily salts and water changes. Changes were slow but noticeable. Below you can see the difference after appropriate care and attention. It’s amazing!


“Monstro is both a huge fool and a demanding diva,” said Lacey, who is going to tell us all about the fish.

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With love, care, and proper care you can do wonders.

When the fish started to eat and swim a little, the owner moved it to a larger aquarium with friends, to keep her company. The most notable change was that Monstro changed color, from a very dark blue to bright and healthy orange.

Monstro loves food and attention
On the one hand, he’s like a big, silly puppy. He approaches the glass and asks for attention, especially when he wants food (always). Due to their shape, these goldfish are the best swimmers, and Monstro is no exception.

It reminds me of a bumper car, it swims and can’t stop, so it bounces off things and plants, dragging itself with the other fish, or tries to turn around and ends up doing a cartwheel, it’s fun to watch. The table where I sculpt is next to the aquarium, and he likes to swim to the top, wag his tail and splash water. But she does it with me, not with my husband, to get my attention and feed her.

It is important to feed them well: “Since their bodies are so compact, it is not uncommon for them to have gastrointestinal problems, so they must have a good diet. I give them various things: I think, gel food, vegetable leaves, blood worms, brine shrimp, and blanched vegetables. They really like duckweed, which is a floating plant, but it doesn’t grow fast enough, they suck it up right away.

He could not bear the idea of ​​such an older fish spending alone and consuming its last days
The most difficult thing to cure Monstro was that he did not know what was happening to him: “That is why I started with aquarium salts and water changes. Aquarium salts accelerate wound healing and reduce the risk of infection. They help the fish relax and are effective against many bacteria, fungi, and parasites.

And people don’t realize how much clean water helps a fish. When he started eating, I gave him a dose of medicine to make sure, and I think he sped things up, but at first, I thought he wouldn’t make it. But he couldn’t bear the thought of the poor old fish just spending his last days in a store. I thought I could at least give him a home and make him feel comfortable in his last days, so I was really excited when he started to improve. ”

The world is scary right now and I thought this story would make people smile”
I had shared Monstro’s story before in a couple of groups about fish, and I didn’t think it would get as much attention. The world is scary right now and I thought this would make people smile. It’s been kind of overwhelming, it’s great that people see how great fish are and take care of them, and as an artist, visibility is great for me, but it’s all happened at once. And this is the internet, so although the majority of responses have been kind and positive, there have been others that have not been so happy.

Fish change color for various reasons
Lacey explains that Monstro is a telescope tent. “It is not uncommon for them to change color during their lifetime. It depends on your age, environment, diet, light, water quality, stress, and health. So just because your fish is black does not mean it is sick or sad. Another thing I know is that Monstro will need a bigger aquarium.

At first, I thought I would give it to a friend who has more fish if he recovered enough to transport it, but I was very fond of him. So he’s changed aquariums a couple of times now, now that he’s grown and nothing else, and when money and space allow, I plan to move him to a bigger one.

And by the way, I called him Monstro because he was a huge blackfish with a lot of spirits and he reminded me of the Pinocchio whale.


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