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Dog Shot 17 Times, Blinded, Ear Cut & Jaw Broken, Possibly Used As Target Practice

A 5-year-old pregnant dog named Maggie was found dumped on a roadside with 17 bullet wounds. She was perhaps utilized as target practice before being fastened to a container and left to die. What’s more, the abuser likewise cropped her ear and broke her jaw.

The UK’s animal welfare group “Wild on a fundamental level Foundation” tried really hard to bring Maggie to their medicinal specialists. Maggie’s wounds didn’t look great. Specialists close up her eyes to avert further harm, however despite everything she required a ton of will-power to pull through this.

Maggie utilizes her feeling of smell and hearing to explore around. Kasey has additionally been preparing her with essential directions like “Stop,” “Left,” “Right,” “Advance Up,” and “Venture Down” that keep her safe. Kasey additionally perceived Maggie’s proclivity towards soothing others and got her selected for preparing as a therapy dog.

At present, Maggie is an enlisted therapy dog who essentially helps understudies managing nervousness. Regardless of her numerous mishaps; Maggie is carrying on with her best life helping other people. Be that as it may, cops are as yet incapable to discover the beast who mishandled and disfigured her. Spread the news and help locate her horrendous abuser.

Snap the video underneath to watch Maggie the “wonder” dog’s motivating story of endurance!


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