30 Cute And hilarious Comics about parrots, That will make you day


Do you know your pet so well that you can create a sense of humor from his point of view? Sarah does. The 25-year-old Texas girl has two birds: a sweet but bird-brand cockatiel, a chicken, and a small but ugly parrot, the Blue Boy, and she dedicated a complete comedy series to him.

Sarah told Bored Panda, “[Stories in general] are mostly with humans from a screen point of view, so ‘chicken ideas’.” I like how intelligent birds are but how irrational they can be. – I’m sure we are the same way! ”


Most of the strips are inspired by real-life pet behavior and are often thought of when Sarah’s birds do something funny. ‘One of the things that makes the series special is that I also draw comics about some of my readers’ birds, and include them as guest stars! People will tell me a little bit about their birds and I’ll present them with humorous imagery. My googly eyes. ‘

Sarah does comics because she is a big fan of comedy and memes, and you can definitely get that from her works. They are light-hearted and self-aware. However, comedians are not few. On the contrary; They fully grasp the nuances of living with fellow parrots and their behavior. Keep scrolling and check them out.

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There is even a book! Chicken Ideas: Bird comedians will appear on November 1, 2020, but are already available to order. And Sarah has certainly worked long and hard to get to this point. The self-taught artist said, “I’ve been making jokes for my friends since I was at least 11 years old.” My best friend Jackie and I were in the same grade school class, and we Draw cartoons about our classmates and show each other. ‘Sarah Potato, a buddy’s life, and she are a fan of other bird cartoonists like Bird Thing. She also loves animals and thinks they’re much more like us. ‘


Sarah hopes that those who do not have birds can still enjoy her humor, and may even learn to appreciate birds. She definitely does. In addition to the Chicken and the Blue Boy, he had another parrot, the White Boy, which is rare in the series.

‘A lot of people wonder why the cartoon chicken Lutino is a man while the real-life chicken is a gray girl. Attracted and posted it to the Facebook Bird Group. ‘It was such a hit movie that people asked me to create a page and post more! So humorous chicken became my real life bird, based on chicken. ‘





























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