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Can Dogs Eat Raw Meat? | Is Raw Meat Good For Dogs ?

Can Dogs Eat Raw Meat – Many may not remember, perhaps because they are young, but dog food did not always exist.

How was it then possible for them to survive and feed properly? No doubt the only way was to follow a home-cooked diet.

Many people started to bet on natural recipes (green food), so the great success of the BARF diet for dogs,

which in Portuguese is known as ACBA (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food),

which defends part of what we will expose following this article.

Still, have questions about is raw meat good for a dog? Clarify all your doubts in this Animal Expert article.


  1. Raw or cooked meat for dogs?
  2. Is raw Meat good For Dogs?
  3. Types of Raw Meat for the Dog?
  4. How to give raw meat to the dog?

Raw or cooked meat for dogs?

In the world of dog nutrition, you can find a multitude of studies and opinions.

Some are opposed to raw food for the possible presence of parasites and pathogens,

while others refuse to cook because it causes the loss of enzymes, natural probiotics, and vitamins.

What is certain of all this? What is the best option?

The process of domestication the dog has undergone has changed some aspects of its digestive physiology as well as other structures, so that, at this point in history, the differences between dogs and wolves, close relatives, are so obvious.

Although the dog has become an omnivorous animal capable of digesting the food that its wolf ancestor cannot, raw meat is not bad for the dog because it fits perfectly with its body:

  • The teeth are strong enough to scrape the flesh.
  • The small, muscular stomach is prepared for the digestion of meat.
  • The intestine is short, which prevents the putrefaction of meat during digestion.
  • The dog’s digestive juices, as well as its saliva, are able to assimilate meat protein.

The dog’s digestive system is prepared to smoothly digest the preferably raw meat, which is how it would consume it in the wild.

We must also point out some legends that “raw meat makes the dog more aggressive” are totally false.

However, as we commented at the outset, there are possible parasites and pathogens that can be found in raw meat,

which makes it imperative to look for foods that have their quality certified.

Anyway, to fully ensure that our dog does not get salmonella, E. coli or trichinosis infections,

for example, we can freeze the meat or pat it lightly before serving.

The tutor has the option to choose to serve completely raw, for better nutritional intake,

or lightly cooked to avoid health problems. It is a matter of personal choice.

Finally, we point out that, in the end, it will be the dog himself that will choose to eat one product or another.

While some dogs salivate at the sight of a piece of raw meat, others reject it with obvious contempt, as occurs in small breeds and older dogs,

or those who have not been accustomed to this kind of food since puppies.

can dogs eat raw meat

can dogs eat raw meat

  Is raw Meat good For Dogs?

Although the dog should not only feed on meat, it is ideal that meat is the food most present in its diet. As we mentioned in the previous section,

the dog has a small stomach and so meals should not be large and should be repeated three times a day.

In the dog diet, the proportion of cardo should be about 75% of the total portion, and, contrary to common sense,

the viscera are not good because they are usually very intoxicated.

For example, all medications given to a cow are metabolized in its liver,

which causes it to accumulate waste that is not beneficial to the dog.

Types of Raw Meat for the Dog?

It is convenient to toast our dog with lean meat, preferably sheep, goat or cow, however, when we talk about small dogs,

what is most recommended is the meat of rabbit and poultry.

We know that giving a dog raw meat daily can have a significant economic impact on some families,

but we are talking about lean meat leftovers,

which are adequate, the dog no longer needs and are affordable in butchers.

How to give raw meat to the dog?

It is always preferable that the meat is fresh, but it is not essential, we can bet on frozen meat, a more economical option. However, if we choose this product,

we must be prevented and let the meat thaw completely and at room temperature.

so that its properties are not affected.

No need to grind the meat, just cut it into pieces, remember that your dog is prepared to eat it like this. If you want to improve your dog’s health, do not hesitate to try a diet based mainly on raw meat.

Also, remember that dogs digest the meat and bones without problems, however, they are unable to assimilate the nutrients of vegetables that have not gone through a pre-digestion cooking process.

can dogs eat raw meat

can dogs eat raw meat

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