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Childhood imagination is really amazing. When we were little, most of us envisioned great adventures. Our bed pirate ship, our room – a kingdom, and our toys become our best friends and courageous companions.

The artist duo is known on Instagram as StuffedThick Comic, or just Stuffed, as an example of how a little girl and her stuffed toys travel to the Himalayas while trapped at home. Rockets build ships and protect their kingdom.
In creating this comedian, I was inspired by the world and the imagination of a little girl. I think childhood is the last inspiration. Our goal is to spread joy and laughter around the world, so Board Panda will help us achieve that goal.


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Why he decided to create a comic about childhood I was going to read a comic strip as a child, and as an adult, I found out that I also had a passion for making comic strips. And created Stuffed to spread laughter, and engage readers with the wonder of childhood imagination. I loved exploring the vast world of childhood imagination. You can go anywhere and do anything. Has no limits, and this kind of freedom really appeals to me as a writer. I never thought it would be read by more than 300kg, but it gives me a lot of satisfaction as an artist. Get it!








The artist said that his style of drawing is very similar to the ’70s,’ 80s and ’90s, which is similar to classics like Peanut, Bloom County, and Clooney and Hobbes. Filled with the idea of opening a small child’s gift and then embracing the plush toy so tightly that he couldn’t breathe. The world and its characters followed that moment.”









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