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30 Of The Best Cat Posts That Are Impossible Not To Scroll Through (New Pics)

Mathematics says Cats + Internet = Comedy squared. It’s that easy. You portray a kitten, it does not matter if it is fat, skinny, furry, sleeping … in a funny setting, you upload the photo to social networks, and voila, you are already breaking the status quo of the online world. Even trolls stop

#1 How fluffy

“Watching material about cats online may improve mood, but it also has negative effects related to using the internet to procrastinate,” explains Jessica G. Myrick of Indiana University, one of the researchers on this phenomenon.

#2 Watch out for the cat’s paw before closing

There are people who believe that watching cat videos on the internet is not a serious thing to be investigated academically, but it is a fact that it is one of the most popular uses of the web today. If we want to better understand the effects that the internet has in us, as individuals and society, then researchers cannot ignore it. ”

We have all seen cat videos on the internet, but there is very little empirical work done on why so many people are doing it or the effect it has. I felt compelled to collect data on this phenomenon from popular culture.

#3 You just realized that you’re pregnant

There are over 2 million cat videos posted on YouTube, with over 26 billion views, more than any other YouTube category.

The most popular cat watching sites are Facebook, YouTube, Buzzfeed, and I Can Have Cheezburger.

Of the study participants, only 36% described themselves as “cat-like,” while 60% say they like both cats and dogs.

#4 He Loves To Scratch Him With The Body Scratcher

Participants reported feeling more energetic and more positive after viewing online material about cats. They also had fewer negative emotions, such as anxiety or sadness. They often watch cats on the internet while studying or working, and the pleasure it brings them outweighs the guilt they may have for procrastinating.

#5 I heard my husband screaming in the shower and I found this

In the end, the response was very positive.

Even if they watch cat videos on YouTube to procrastinate or while they work, the emotional benefit could actually help people do harder tasks.

It also suggests that the use of cat videos as low-cost pet therapy could be explored in the future.

#6 I don’t know what happens to the cat, but I feel identified

#7 The cat just returned from his walk with someone’s keys

#8 Each one on his step

#9 Tent for cats

#10 You have an identity crisis

#11 We have brought the cat his own sofa and now he sits there judging us

#12 The cat has been fed, don’t fall for its lies

#13 He likes to sleep in my daughter’s toy bathtub

#14 This is Oliver. Have thumbs

#15 No you’re not a bird feeder

#16 Takes great care

#17 Wine is really called that

#18 Hands up

#19 Nothing to see here, just a cat that has inadvertently knocked down a pot / Let it do its spells alone …

#20 If I’m awake, you too

#21 I do it well?

#22 I had to look 2 times

#23 Thanks for ruining my breakfast

#24 Busy toilet

#25 Photo from my parents’ kitchen window. They don’t have cats

#26 Manchester, after trying to put his head in the jar of flour

#27 When you lie on your resume but you get the job

#28 This is Goomba and it’s here to bring you joy

#29 This man saved our dog. You can see the cat jumping out the window

#30 Say hi to Peany


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