30 Hilarious Dog Posts To Put A Smile On Your Face


We are not yet half of 2020 and we have had enough. But when there seems to be too much to process, you need something to cheer you up, and if there are some capable of saving the world, it must be the dogs.

Here we have compiled a list of our favorite pets, from naughty dogs to funny ones. The truth is that seeing doggy logic in action is so absurd that it is priceless. So take a look, vote for your favorites, and share with friends who need a little fun. And maybe save the link for another time, because these photos of dogs are like a bandaid for the soul.


#1 Hina does it on purpose to make you smile

#2 I want to apologize to the neighbors who have lost a rib. The dog escaped through the fence and returned an hour later with this

#3 I wanted to be in the photo

Kimberly Freeman, a professional dog trainer, tells how to learn from them to live in the moment and get excited about little things.

“Look out the window and admire the beauty that surrounds us (or the neighbor’s cat), get excited when the postman brings something, relax and be content with our own company and that of those around us and forgive when you really feel it (like when you accidentally step on the tail of the dog).

#4 He stole a dishwashing brush

#5 I’m a monster!

# 6 Act natural

As owners in charge of another living being, we also learn to let ourselves be carried more by the current. Shit happens (literally) and no matter how well our dogs behave, we cannot control every element of their actions. Sometimes, The most unexpected thing that our dog does makes us very happy. Those who do not have pets do not know how funny the snoring and noise of a dog can be.

# 7 My new fur coat

# 8 When they tell you that the park is closed

# 9 My dog ​​is 16 now, so I thought it was time to teach him how to drive.

“It is scientifically proven that dogs relax us and lower the blood pressure and stress levels of those around them.”

# 10 The perfect place

#11 This is Billie. Every time we drive and carry the keys, she wants to, too. So I made a game for her and she always takes them in the car

# 12 Notify when you find the pug

# 13 Many naps upside down

# 14 The perfect tattoo does not exist …

#15 Now that the snow melts, the mystery of the missing socks is cleared up

# 16 Naricitas

# 17 My 15-year-old Chihuahua has atrophy in the irises and needs glasses. This photo makes me smile

# 18 I still fit!

# 19 Beware of the dog, attack

#20 Equals

#21Doggy Yoga

# 22 Holes in the fence so Gus can see and smell

#23 Nap after stealing strawberry jam

# 24 When you didn’t expect your owner to come back so soon

# 25 My dog ​​a year ago

# 26 It fits me

# 27 My dog ​​teaching my girlfriend that I am hers

# 28 My brother is engaged and I can’t stop laughing with this photo

# 29 The biggest stash found in 2018

# 30 I can’t stop looking at the dog

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