30 Hilarious Pets That Got Shamed Publicly For Being Naughty


We love our pets, but sometimes they can be fatal and do a lot of mischiefs. Like when your ferrets “accidentally” order a phone through Amazon. Or when your dogs eat what they shouldn’t.

The owners embarrass their mischievous pets by posting photos of them along with posters telling of their “crimes” (this is called pet shaming) and here we have compiled some of the best photos, so don’t miss them and vote for the ones you love the most. make them laugh. In addition, surely you also have stories of disasters caused by your pets, you can tell us in the comments.


#1 I chased a pet down to its burrow, got stuck, and my owner had to call the sheriff to dig me out. 2 times.

#2 I have been fed. My meows are LIE

#3 I ordered a $ 184 Samsung Galaxy S4 using the Amazon One-Click Buy button / I turned off the internet, but not before your purchase was completed

We went out for a moment to feed the dog and this had happened on the way back.

#4 I jumped into a stranger’s car and stole a hamburger from the hands of a passenger

#5 My name is Puddy. I accidentally dragged a piece of poop out of the litter box, and upon seeing it on the mat I panicked, so I folded the mat over to make a poop sandwich. Then I sat on it.

# 6 I ate the Christmas decorations with glitter. Now I make fabulous poop

# 7 I found out that it wasn’t included in mom’s next vacation, so I ate her passport

# 8 I have eaten Alexa

# 9 I got on the counter and ate 6 raw bread rolls while no one was around. Then I threw them up at the vet and they said the clinic smelled like a brewery

# 10 I sneaked into Mom’s horse trailer and went with her on a 3-hour trip to a rodeo. Hotels are great, you should do this more often

#11 3 hours after dad put the new mosquito net on I went through it like koolaid-man

# 12 I looked my mom in the eye as she pissed me in her sweatshirt

# 13 Today I showed my mom’s colleagues the ass on Skype. Then when she was on a video conference, I bit her wrist. I like that mom works from home.

# 14 I slip into empty sneakers and poop so that when someone sticks their foot in, they rub their poop toes

#15 I’ve made my own dog gate

# 16 Bread is a glutton. Don’t be fooled. Please don’t give him food. Vet bills are extraordinary

# 17 I stole Alex’s keys from his pocket and hid them in the bottom of my cage, so everyone had to stay half an hour after work

# 18 I’m the reason we can’t have anything pretty

# 19 I waited for my human to leave the room and I ate a whole FAMILY PIZZA, all by myself

#20 I terrorize little humans and corner neighbors for fun

#21 We ate the toilet paper during the shortage of it in 2020

# 22 I defied a skunk … and lost

#23 Mom’s underwear is not a gift for guests

# 24 I like to bring snakes home and watch them squirm around, scaring my mom

# 25 I licked all the peanut butter off my dad’s toast and watched him as he ate 3 of them until he realized

# 26 I steal cookies from toddlers and run away

# 27 My name is Ruby and my goal today was to loot the laundry basket, steal all the dirty socks and randomly hide them throughout the house

# 28 I peed on the floor, my mom slipped on it, fell and had to shower again

# 29 I farted in mom’s face, and then I ran away as fast as I could

# 30 I rummaged through the babysitter’s bag and ate 8 cannabis groceries. I was so placed that I couldn’t even move. The vet cost $ 1,000

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