25 Of the most beautiful types of pigeons in the world


Put the chickens aside, it is time to show you the pigeons. The ones we see in cities are just the tip of the feathered iceberg – there are plenty of beautiful and unusual pigeons that you probably haven’t seen.

To show you here we have collected photos of the most curious and stylish pigeons, for you to enjoy. Take a look, vote for your favorites, and tell us which one you liked the most.


Pigeons are very interesting when you start learning about them. For example, scientists believe that city pigeons may be the first birds that humans domesticated. They appear in figure, mosaics, and coins of ancient Mesopotamia from 4500 a. C.

#1 Collared vinegar

#2 Nicobar pigeon

#3 Curly pigeon

Maybe you think pigeons are a bit silly. The truth is that according to a study, pigeons understand the concepts of space and time, and they are expert sailors, able to find their way back to their nests more than 2 km away, even though they have not seen the way.

#4 Gura Victoria

#5 Bronze dove

# 6 Jacobin pigeon

It is not yet known exactly why they are so good at this, but humans have known this ability since 3000 BC. People released caged pigeons and followed them to find nearby land.

The Greeks trained them to bring the results of the Olympics to the people. Pigeons are mysterious and beautiful, and we still discover new things about them every year.

# 7 Western gura

# 8 Fan tail pigeon

# 9 African vinegar

# 10 Feather dove

#11 Gray curly dove

# 12 Imperial ducula

# 13 Lahore pigeon

# 14 Ice pigeon

#15 Jacobin and nasturtium cross

# 16 Red-white turning pigeon

# 17 Archangel pigeons

# 18 English trumpet pigeon

# 19 English beard pigeon


#21 Lahore pigeon


#23 Dutch nasturtium

# 24 Fan tail pigeon

# 25 Dutch nasturtium

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