20 adorable dogs that are terrified of going to the vet will steal your heart!


Dogs are highly faithful animals, which is why they are ideal as pets. Anyone who has had one knows that there is an almost indestructible level of trust among dog-owners. A dog feels protected by your side and trusts that nothing will happen to it, just as you trust that one day it will finally stop biting your shoes.

Having a pet requires a lot of responsibility: to feed it, take care of it, bathe it and take it to the vet every time it is necessary, although the latter is not much to the liking of your dog. Apparently, that almost indestructible bond of trust breaks every time you decide it’s time to go to the office. Just look at these faces to see how betrayed dogs feel when taken to the vet.


#1 You told me you would take me for a walk

#2 Why have you betrayed me, human?

#3 I trusted you

#4 Promise me that you will at least stay with me

#5 What !? How do I need an injection?

#6 I didn’t even come, I stayed in the house

#7 Is it a punishment for biting your favorite shoes?

#8 Help me!

#9 Excuse me, where is the exit?

#10, In the same way, I will continue to misbehave

#11 At least we are in this together

#12 I will not pee inside the house anymore, I promise!

#13 I am so small to know treason

#14 The dog? No, there is no dog here

#15 What is this place?

#16 Are you sure it won’t hurt?

#17 At least tell me that you still love me

#18 I thought you were my best friend

#19 Repentant? Of course not!

#20 Now I will be good


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