This Photographer Took Pictures Of Dogs And Their Owners Side By Side, And They Look Amazingly Alike


They state pets and their proprietors become increasingly more similar with time. English picture taker Gerrard Gethings made a photograph arrangement featuring the likeness among proprietors and their pets and you’ll be astounded by the similitudes!

The picture taker shot the representations of the pets and their proprietors and looked at them one next to the other – and a portion of the outcomes are inside and out silly. Gerrard even made a table game called “Do You Look Like Your Dog” that highlights considerably more representations and will be discharged on the tenth of September.


Look at the photographs in the display beneath – perhaps they will rouse you to take a representation with your very own pet?

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#1 Benji & Harper (Schnoodle)

#2 François & Antoine (French Bulldog)

#3 Sergei & Spike (Siberian Husky)

#4 Jessica & Buddy (Bishon Frise)

#5 Henry & Hope (Afghan Hound)

#6 Cenk & Horst (Schnauzer)

#7 Harry & Hattie (Italian Spinone)

#8 Elle And Yasmin Le Bon (Puli)

#9 Monica & Reggie (Chow Chow)

#10 Charlotte & Caspar (Chinese Crested)

Image source: Gerrard Gethings

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