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This Dutch Photographer Captures Nature When No One’s Looking (30 Pics)

Nature is beautiful–but we get to see only so much by ourselves. Luckily Dick van Duijn captured nature’s side for us, which most of us would never see in his amazing pictures of wild animals.

After buying his first camera 8 years ago, Van Duijn got into photography, his biggest passion, and now he has over 60k followers on Instagram. But, in particular, one photo has recently drawn everyone’s attention. The picture shows a squirrel with a flower that seems almost intrigued by its scent.

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“I have seen photos from the other photographers of those cute animals and wanted to photograph them myself. Since my flowers and animals love me, I have tried to match them, “the photographer told Bored Panda during an interview. “I still search for ways to catch the unimpacted stuff.”



“It was not difficult to photograph a lot of curious squirrels, but it took much patience with shots to capture you with flora like that,” van Duijn explained. “I knew this was the picture of a lifetime when the squirrel smelling the floral and planting his face into a flower!”



“Just start photographing and practice nature and wildlife in your own area. When you have mastered photography, go to another country and explore, “the photographer said, asking other photographers for advice.

Check the gallery below his incredible pictures of animals!

























Images source: Dick van Duijn


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