These charming watercolor illustrations are inspired by 20 Japanese animation and the Moomins


Finnish artist Heikala creates watercolor illustrations of magical moments. These scenes, which appear to be part of a fairy tale, portray characters amidst beautiful landscapes, usually with an animal by their side. In these serene paintings, the subjects give the impression that they are about to start a great adventure – or that they are right in the middle of one. These charming illustrations make us wonder what each character holds; for example, in one image, a young girl meets a giant fossil.

Nature, animation, and the art of others are great influences for Heikala. I have a collection of art books that I look to for inspiration when I run out of ideas, “Japanese animation inspires my work to a great extent. The things that inspire me the most are the background paintings and the way the characters interact with their surroundings. I have visited Japan on several occasions and sometimes take reference photos to use later in my work. ”


In addition to Japanese movies and animated series, Heikala notes that she has an additional source of inspiration. “The other great influence is the work of Tove Jansson. [The] Moomins were a big part of my childhood and Tove’s works inspire me a lot — his work of lines, shapes, and the way he portrays nature in his work always leaves me speechless. ”

Heikala’s illustrations are very popular on Instagram. On that platform, the artist shows her finished pieces and videos of how she created each illustration. Here are some of her beautiful paintings. If you would like to buy prints, pins, or garments with their designs, visit their online store.

Finnish artist Heikala creates fantastic illustrations that are inspired by Japanese animation and the Moomins.





















Heikala: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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