The Christmas photo of the unforgettable day of some dogs in a kindergarten goes viral


Cara Raphael is an inveterate dog lover, so she decided to found My Little Doghouse, a dog nursery surrounded by beautiful landscapes that work on her private estate near Glasgow, Scotland. This woman, of great creativity and sensitivity, offers her clients a whole day of care for their pets, the opportunity for their dogs to play or run in safe forested spaces and the possibility of taking care of these loving animals while their parents are holidays.

Pets enjoy the beautiful estate of Cara


Over the years, Cara’s project has become increasingly popular, not only because of the picturesque surroundings of the farm but because of all the effort that this woman puts into making puppies really spend a formidable day.
It is known by many that pets often miss their families when they are away, so Cara takes care that her furry friends do not even notice their absence. My Little Doghouse is a space to socialize with joy and to make formidable photos of pets.

She is an expert in posing many puppies at once

Photos? Yes, that’s right, you read that right because if there is something that distinguishes the work that Cara does day after day, these are the photos she usually takes with her loving dog friends. The group photos that this woman shares in the fan page of her pet care farm leave many delighted. Not only do they stand out for their originality and tenderness … Many wonder how Cara does so that a group of dogs pose so well before the camera, even though in many cases the animals are in disguise.

A good example of what we are telling you is a photo that went viral about the proximity of Christmas dates. In it, Cara recreated a tender Bethlehem with a group of 10 puppies. The Bethlehem is so complete that we not only have the Angel, Mary, Joseph, and the Child, they are also accompanied by the three Wise Men and of course, the noble shepherds who went to worship him.
This tender Bethlehem has enchanted many

You must take into account that the puppies that pose in this original photo are just some of the guests that Cara receives in his farm so that they spend the day or stay for a few days, while their masters return … What secret does Cara have to love? to your dog models? We do not know, but we love it. This photo is just an opener because Cara has demonstrated her skills as a photographer and pet host, in multiple festivities and stages.

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