Symptoms of fever in cats: What causes fever in cats


Symptoms of fever in cats? In case you didn’t know, your kitten may also have a fever. The causes of this temperature rise can be several, some more serious than others. The important thing is to learn to recognize the symptoms of fever in cats to act quickly. If you want to meet them, read on!

What causes fever in cats?

Fever is considered in cats when the cat has a body temperature above 39.5 degrees since it is normal for them to have a temperature between 38 and 39.5 degrees.


Symptoms of fever in cats

The human body is very wise and knows how to react to possible dangers. The same goes for cats and other animals, and fever is nothing more than a defense mechanism against a pathogen that attacks the body.

As we said, fever can appear for several reasons. These might be:

  • Colds.
  • As a side effect of some vaccines or medications.
  • Tumors
  • AIDS.
  • Leukemia.
  • Feline panleukopenia.
  • Pancreatitis

And these are just the most common causes! Obviously there are many more reasons, so it is very important to know the symptoms of fever in cats. We see!

Symptoms of fever in cats

Some of the symptoms of fever in cats are the same symptoms of fever in dogs. Take note of them!

Does not drink water

As we know, it is not normal for cats to drink a lot. However, if your cat has a fever, it is common to lose interest in drinking completely, which can be quite dangerous for your health.

Symptoms of fever in cats
Symptoms of fever in cats

Loss of appetite

The exquisite palate of felines makes them demanding diners who never despise a good plate of food. If your cat has a fever, you will see how his appetite is diminished.

Dry nose

As in the case of dogs, having a dry and hot nose is also one of the symptoms of fever in cats. However, it is not always that the feline shows dryness in its nose is a cause of illness, so we must also look at other symptoms.


We know that cats bring us many health benefits since they are calm animals whose purring and presence do us so much good. That’s why it’s so good to sleep with them or practice yoga with cats!

Unfortunately, if your pet has a fever, it will be very restless, distressed or with symptoms of stress. It is an unpleasant feeling for him.

Chills and tremors

In cases of high fever, it may happen that your cat has tremors throughout his body. Here the situation is already serious.

Symptoms of fever in cats
Symptoms of fever in cats

Lack of hygiene

Cats are very neat animals, we all know that. Therefore, it is rare not to see them grooming each day or making their needs in the sandbox.

However, one of the symptoms of fever in cats is the neglect of their hygiene, caused by widespread discomfort.

Accelerated breathing and high heart rate

Another symptom that could indicate that your cat has a fever is that his breathing and heartbeat are accelerated.

Obviously, these symptoms can be a sign of other things, such as a simple agitation to run a lot, but it is necessary that you observe if in addition to this there are more symptoms than we have mentioned.

What do I do if my cat has a fever?

To treat the fever you have to find out its cause, therefore, it is important that if you detect symptoms of fever in your cat, go to a veterinarian. This will find the focus and, as a result, you can establish the appropriate treatment.

At home you can also do some things.

For example, make him comfortable in his bed and away from damp or cold places.

On the other hand, if you have stopped eating your feed and do not drink, offer wet food. This will provide nutrients and also some hydration. If he refuses completely, it is very necessary that at least he remains hydrated, so if he doesn’t leave you another option, introduce water little by little with a syringe in his mouth. But very carefully!

You can also apply wet cloths of cold water on your cat’s forehead for a few minutes, and then put them on the abdomen and legs.

You can take your cat’s temperature with a rectal thermometer.  Remember that it is your duty to ensure the health of your cat, so if you have not taken him to a consultation and the fever lasts for days, it is time to put it in the hands of a professional.


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