Shiba Inu Gets Stuck In A Bush, But Keeps Smiling Like Nothing Happened


Recollect those moments when you understand you have quite recently pushed yourself into difficulty? Humiliation, blame or whatever another negative feeling which could result from this are a long way from this Shiba Inu dog’s response. Stuck in a shrub, he puts on a smiley face and just grins at destiny, declining to feel disheartened.

Japanese Twitter client, @yamamochi223, happened to be there on 17 Aug and took some photographs to impart to the world. Despite the fact that they have been brought down, you will keep a decent memory of the charming pooch’s face.


All things considered, we can have a great time and gain some new useful knowledge from any experience, isn’t that so?

“hope no one sees me… ”

“Oh, no. Quick. Put on a smile, yeah, big smile. Hey, how are you? Such a lovely day…”

“Don’t worry about me, I’m holding on. I’ll be fine.”

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