People share photos of their puppy dogs and what they are like on Twitter (30 images)


Time flies fast when you are with your dog. One day it is a lump that fits in your lap, and the next it is a huge ball of fur.

Twitter users have shared adorable photos of their dogs before and after, showing the incredible difference in a few months of growth. The first was @_ThatGuyFuller, who posted a photo of his Goldendoodle when he was 2 months old and then 7 months old, and the thread started to fill up with more photos.


After 2.1 million likes and almost 300,000 retweets, it is clear how proud we are to see our furry grow. We now understand how proud parents are in their children’s graduations.




You see your puppy so small and chubby and after two days he is a dog. The photos do not lie and it is not in your head: the canines grow fast, but each dog goes at its own pace.

Officially, dogs are adults by the age of 1, but in reality, their bones continue to develop up to 24 months. Small breeds grow faster than large breeds and may stop growing after 8 months. Large ones will increase in size up to 18 months.




It is important to take note of your dog’s development, and one of the indications is the size of its paw, which should be proportional to the rest of the body.

Loose skin also indicates its future size. If the puppy has it very loose, it would mean that it would become large.




The most important thing is to take care of your diet and make sure that you receive the proper nutrition to become a healthy and sociable dog. And neither overeat them.

Apart from physical maturity, the dog has to reach social maturity, and this is achieved through training and socialization.























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