Owners Are Sharing Pics Of This New Dog ‘Breed’ Called ‘The Platypus’ (30 Pics)


You Platypups! This isn’t a mistake, Nope. It is a mix of dogs and platypuses. But that isn’t a biological mishap. It’s something that happens when a doggo sticks his nose in a shoe, instead.

People post pictures of their very own platypups online and they go viral. And some of those canines do look like they’ve got a bill! Of note, the more commonly known platypups should not be confused with the… Platypups— which some consider tiny little platypes. We’ve gathered some of the most beautiful and funniest platypup pictures so scroll down and get ready to go’ aww.’





There’s nothing new about canines enjoying the shoes of their owners. Maybe even a little too much at times. But ever wondering why? Well, there are three main reasons for this: smell, consistency, and chance.

First of all, they smell your shoes. Even if you don’t think they do, there’s a very sensitive nose in your doggo and it can pick up smells that people can’t register. So when your fan chews one of your shoes, he’s directly enjoying your smell. That is how much your smell loves it. You could take that as a compliment (and probably should).




Second, some shoes are made from materials which, according to Stuff, are way too similar to chew-straps and jerky. Chewy shoes. Dogs like to chew stuff. Mathematics is simple. And if you have a puppy, well, they just don’t know better, and they’ll cut their teeth on pretty much anything. That’s the place where decent training comes in.




Finally, if you don’t want your dog to chew your shoes or stick their nose in them— you. I. Couldn’t. Let’s go. Theirs. Lying. Lying. Roughly.

It’ll be curious about anything that your dog can reach. If you come back to the gym after hard session, kick off your shoes and just leave them on the ground, there are chances, at least your dog. will sniff them. So if you don’t want a platypup running around the house, put your shoes somewhere higher up. They do make some amusing pictures, though…






















Article Credit Bored panda

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