Artist Illustrates Her Daily Struggles And Life With Her Boyfriend In 30 Comics (New Pics)


The lovely Mrs. Frollein series has become very popular. She now has over 490k followers on Instagram! Minnie continues to exemplify her daily life, including her relationship with her partner and her struggles, but even then her belt remains fresh and real.

You could say that Mrs. Frollein is based on Manuel’s real experiences. Or because he has mastered the art of storytelling. I say both Keep scrolling and see what works.


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Valerie is 28 years old and originally from Luxembourg but on one occasion she moved to Germany to go to art school. “When I entered, I really wanted to do traditional oil painting, but it turned out that I was not so talented.” Then I attended a Jonathan Keynes comedy class on war and peas. ”

“I immediately fell in love with comics. It was like a year ago, and I’ve been drawing comics every day.”

Although her life is a map for Mrs. Frolan, Valerie doesn’t just copy and paste whatever she wants. “I always ask my boyfriend if he’s okay with sharing our intimate moments with the whole world. I reject a bunch of hilarious ideas because he’s very good at sharing,” Valerie explained. Were private. ”






Now that she has so many followers, Valerie also had to deal with the extra pressure of publishing her work, which was not present when she was just starting out. “Every time I posted a comic, I was very upset (which is usually once a week). I was afraid people wouldn’t like it, or that other comedians wouldn’t like it that much.” “Sometimes I published strips that I thought were great but didn’t get the feedback I was hoping for. So I started to think maybe they weren’t that good.”






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