Filipino Deaf Artist Creates 20 Hilarious Full of Random Jokes and Struggles Faced by Deaf People


Instagram has evolved into a forum for talented creators and artists to showcase their work; one such creative is “Caldatelier” author CJ Reynaldo, whose original comics series has captured the hearts of many. His comics have a talent for humor, are unpredictable, and contain unexpected turns, which is a breath of fresh air in the world of internet comics. Because of the series’ incredible fusion of amusing asides, clever puns, and unexpected plot twists, readers will enjoy returning to it. To entertain his devoted followers, he consistently makes an effort to produce amazing illustrations.

The distinct sense of humor in his webcomics is one of their distinctive characteristics. His comics frequently take unexpected twists that catch readers off guard and make them laugh aloud. He has a sharp eye for the bizarre and a fun approach to narrative. CJ Reynaldo is a true star in the field of webcomics for his sense of humor, which ranges from sharp one-liners to ingenious visual gags. He works hard so that he can reach 27,100 people on his Instagram account.


His ability to include a sense of unpredictability into his work distinguishes his comics from others. Readers are continuously kept on their toes by CJ Reynaldo’s comics, which never let them get boring or predictable. They never know what amusing twist or turn will be waiting for them in the next panel. Their artwork is aesthetically pleasing and adds a deeper level to their storyline because of its crisp lines, brilliant colors, and expressive characters. The attention to detail and composition in each panel give the comics an aesthetically appealing and pleasing appearance.

Credit: Caldatelier

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#1. What if Jesus painted the Easter eggs for Easter sunday?

#2. How the deaf person prays in sign language?


#3. How to say “get off”

#4. Filipino sign language for sorry


#5. Bed shaker for morning

#6. Filipino Superheroes

#7. Do you understand him!


#8. This is awkward

#9. Accidentally write “dead” or “death”

#10. Being deaf does not mean they ignore you

#11. This is the best Christmas gift


#12. When a deaf person takes a nap

#13. Deaf Etiquette


#14. It means “Brother”

#15. I need 20 peso, not gun


#16. Love wins the game

#17. How to sign “How much”


#18. Watching a naughty video

#19. When you get bitten by animal

#20. Long nails are dangerous

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