Artist Create Hilarious Comic Showing What If ‘Clifford The Big Red Dog’ Was Actually A Cat

Cat lovers, this is especially for you!


Have you ever heard of Clifford the Big Red Dog no? Well, for those of you who don’t have, Clifford Red Big Dog is an American-made book series for kids. It’s about a big red whistle that goes by the name Clifford. The book was reprinted in 1963 by Norman Bridal. However, today we have something special for you (cat owners) and we have to forgive dog owners for today. For those of you who have actually read the book series yourself or your kids, have you ever wondered if Clifford the Red Big Dog is replaced by a giant cat? No right Well, Ben Hed, who is already known for creating the comic “Pecky and Brutus” and is known on Instagram as “Pet Foolery”, decided to recreate the classic by replacing the dog with the cat.

So, instead of Clifford the Red Big Dog, you will now see Clifford the Red Big Cat! Woohoo, I’ve already sold, are you? “Yes, we understand that you are now eager to read comics, so, without further ado, go ahead and see if the classics can still live up to people’s expectations!” Scroll down for


#1 Also, the cover looks beautiful and fun too!

#2 Clifford is a really naughty cat who won’t listen and will do whatever he wants.

#3  Clifford just threw a big water tank from a building.

Cats are amazing and interesting little creatures. But with that said, every cat owner knows how perfect and curious they are about everything. They will never follow your rules. Dealing with these naughty little creatures can be a hell of a job, but it’s really fun and fun for us humans. Of course, it doesn’t end here, so we suggest you stay on the scroll to the end.

#4 It definitely brought Clifford home to a big asshole!

#5 Yes, be prepared to scratch your trees during a mass catfight.

#6 And Clifford decided to join the Capnip Company to wreak havoc.



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