15 Amazing 3-legged pets who prove they are invincible


You will make a tough decision to amputate a leg when the animal is affected by cancer or injury. When it comes to caring for your post-op pet, there are countless available resources. Just because your four-legged pet is three-legged does not mean they’re less cute and spunky. Actually, thousands of people display their lovely tripods all over the social media (Get it? Tripod. Tripawd.). These 55 cats and dogs demonstrate the ability of animals to rebuilt and adapted for even the most catastrophic wounds and diseases after major animal surgery.

#1 Brigh

Brigh is a Colorado tripod who, having suffered severe injuries, had his foreleg and scapula removed. His nice nature, lucky to him, is standing around, and his lack of a leg is not letting in. His foster family actually fell so troublesome to him that they chose to take the dog.


#2 Horatio

Nelson till lived in the streets of Georgia as a feral kitten for his first months. Horatio Wallaby, The damage was too severe to save the limb when it was stuck in a rat trap. Yet he learns to trust people from his family of rescue and loves snuggles, including his Canine Beast, Harry, according to his parents. Horatio’s main claim is he can “hear” cheese and run when anyone touches a piece in the refrigerator.

#3 Sadie

Poor Sadie’s former owners have been so grossly maltreated that the amputation of her back leg contributed to her injuries. She was adopted in July 2016 approximately a month later and now lives happily in her fur-ever home with her brother Cooper. And now she gets all the attention she had lost in her first years of life judging by her happy face.

#4 satine

After losing her back leg, Satine took some creative sitting positions. Once she lived in a cat cafe, but a couple who attended decided to take her home when they moved to a place where pets were accepted. Although she has only three paws, she uses all of them to pass through her mother and dad until one of them is up to feed her.

#5 Bentley

Bentley remains a lovely, active boy even when he is diagnosed with masochistic sarcoma and has to have his back leg amputated. The rescue dog now knocks on the ass of cancer, so he likes to bounce … and to eat plants.

#6 Thomas

Thomas was hit outside a hospital in May 2017 with a car.
It was taken in by the local SPCA without a necklace and a microchip that was not updated and his leg was amputated. He has been in a foster home for more than a year since no one wants to accept the cute crew, but now with his new family, he is happy to take all the lovely creatures in a fur-ever house.

#7 Clyde

After Clyde’s parents saw his swollen ankle, they took him to a doctor who had a broken MCL treating him. However, the swelling came back with joint rigidity, despite the treatment. The dog turned out to have bone cancer and his leg had to be removed completely. But don’t worry, he’s just back to catching tennis balls and squirrels like old days when it took him a while to relearn his old ways. Look at him go, look at him. Look at him go!

#8 Chicken

Chicken’s leg was severely broken when she was found roaming the streets of Colorado most probably because of a car collision. She also enjoys running in front of the cars (playing chicken with them), despite having to get her leg amputated. Since her first accident, she didn’t lose that game and now she’s learning to be a service dog (who won’t jump before cars).

#9 Burger

But her family has certainly come through a lot to get her to that. Burger hardly notices her back leg was gone. She came back one day with a badly broken leg after she snuck out of the house. And while her family was trying to raise money for her surgery, saving her leg vs. $1,500 to amputee would cost $5,000. Following the pain of being cut from her leg, she is back to her.

#10 Peggle

After she ran away from her foster home, nobody knows what happened to Peggle. You just know that when her paw was gone, when she was found outside a Starbucks hidden in the bushes. The remaining limbs had to be amputated, but in their permanent home in Southern California, they continue to be spoiled and sassy. And she doesn’t want your help from the looks of it.

#11 Doug

Doug also has a mild case of cerebellar hypothalamic neurological disorder. But don’t worry, he doesn’t seem to realize all the things his feline four-leggers do, like scratches in the belly.

#12 Trip

The trip was just 3 months old when a taxi driver in Singapore found him. At that point, he had already lost leg. But he was happy high-five master ten years later.

#13 Bal

Although we know little of Bal, we know that he lives with a loving family in Istanbul, Turkey. And from the perspective, he has managed, without a front leg, to navigate the life (and to beg) all right.

#14 Ginger

As she ran outside the street and got hit by a car, the poor Ginger nearly lost both legs. It was 2 years since she had surgery when she was 11 and she obviously began to enjoy long beach walks.

#15 Bucky

We do not know the Bucky story, but the unlucky fluff monster is FIV-positive apart from being a tripod. While life hasn’t handled him the best, his loving family and comfortable bed seem to do just fine.

Photos and article credit animalchannel.co

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