These 20 Illustrations Show the Deep Reality of Society in a Hilarious Way


Illustrations that show the deep reality of society in a hilarious way use humor to draw attention to important social issues. They provide a satirical commentary on the darker aspects of human nature, such as greed, corruption, and selfishness, and make them more accessible to a wider audience. These illustrations often use simple and minimalist styles to convey complex ideas, and their clever use of wordplay or visual gags makes the message even more impactful. Overall, they provide a unique perspective on the world we live in.

3Palec is an Instagram illustrator whose work provides a satirical look at the deep realities of society. He creates illustrations that are not only thought-provoking but also hilarious. His artwork touches on a range of social issues, from politics to relationships, and his clever use of humor makes the message even more impactful. He uses a minimalist style with clean lines and basic shapes to convey his ideas. This simplicity allows the viewer to focus on the message of the illustration. He has 48,800 Instagram followers.


Despite the simplicity of his style, 3Palec’s illustrations are incredibly effective. He has a knack for distilling complex ideas into easy-to-understand images that pack a punch. His work often shines a light on the darker aspects of human nature. 3Palec’s work often tackles political issues as well. In addition to his social commentary, 3Palec’s illustrations also have a strong sense of humor. He often uses wordplay or visual gags to make his point. His ability to distill complex issues into simple yet impactful images is a testament to his skill as an artist. We have compiled his best illustrations in the next section. If you want to enjoy these illustrations, then scroll down to the section below.

Credit: 3palec

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#1. Wife

#2. Deep


#3. Long happy life

#4. I won’t let you go

#5. Be decisive


#6. Obsessed professional

#7. Aesthete

#8. Connoisseurs


#9. Busy man

#10. Ability to adjust

#11. Quarantine

#12. Intelligence


#13. Never give up!

#14. Aspirin

#15. Strip tease


#16. Ballet

#17. One wish

#18. Happy birthday


#19. Reality

#20. Got it


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