18 cute moms from the animal kingdom showing how proud they are of their kids


In the world, all living beings are born, grow and reproduce, the latter is one of the most important functions since our children are an extension of us and for that reason we love and protect them.

Animal species do not escape this, since even the most fearsome species have their tender side when they finally give birth to their young, and in today’s article we leave you some examples of this statement.


Don’t stop watching!

1. This image of a parrot with its baby parrot is the cutest thing you will see today

2. The shell of this mother tortoise is big enough for all her babies

3. It was worth the wait with this beautiful result

4. Like a stick like a chip

5. Seems to be a strict mother

6. A mother cat constantly watching over her naughty puppies

7. In case you’ve never seen it before, this is a guinea pig with her young

8. This photo is probably the cutest you will see today

9. They are not 101 Dalmatians, but they are still beautiful

10. This mom with her puppies and matching dresses was all we needed to brighten our day

11. This mother cat reminds you of the importance of exclusive breastfeeding

12. The face of satisfaction when you finally have your children with you

13. We already know where they inherited seriousness

14. When you were happy to be a mom, but you didn’t expect so many puppies

15. The tender side of bears that is rarely seen

16. Even in the most extreme circumstances you can always count on the support of a mother

17. When you were in charge of carrying them in her womb and they come out just like her dad

18. A fairly large litter

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